February 2022 Update

February 2022 Update

While the winter chill continues, work on #611 awaits a little warmer weather. That doesn’t mean things are at a standstill. We are gathering cost estimates for the first stages of work and writing grant applications.

The many layers of paint from #611’s career. Photo by Robert John Davis – RIPS

First on the list is renewal of the traction motors. The plan is to get them to a contractor ASAP. We will be seeking sponsors for the traction motor work. Some wheel work and other tasks are required to get the roller bearing trucks ready to go under the locomotive.

We are also working on documenting the full provenance of the locomotive and modifications that have been made (there are not many). There are several gaps of information we are seeking to fill in. This doesn’t impact the restoration, but will provide us with meaningful interpretive data and provide a permanent record of stewardship for the locomotive.

Although the locomotive will be restored to its 1948 Lehigh & New England paint scheme, we are interested in collecting as many documents and photographs as possible of #611 throughout the years. If you have any paperwork or photos of her as LNE #611, Ford #10013, or her stints as #611 on the Toledo, Lake Erie & Western or Central Indiana & Western please reach out via the contact us form.