As the restoration of Lehigh & New England #611 continues, there are several mid-Summer updates to share with our supporters. 

Traction Motors

In terms of big picture items, we are pursuing the rehab of the four best traction motors out of the eight that we have. This is work that needs to be done before the roller-bearing trucks are put under the locomotive. The motors are in good shape, but even cleaning and prep aren’t inexpensive. 

We currently have funds for two of the four, but will not have the work done until we can do all four at the same time. We will have some specific fundraising opportunities coming up. 

Fundraiser (will go towards Traction Motors)

In the meantime, a friend of #611 has started a Facebook fundraiser as away to celebrate his birthday. He’s hoping to raise $200 in two weeks. I bet he’ll raise more than that. Donate here!

Battery box door restoration

Restoring Some Key Parts

Dave The Prez and his band of volunteers have been working on the battery box doors and other key sheet metal components of #611. It’s nice to see some black paint returning to #611 to ward off more rust while we get the locomotive running… and eventually full repainted.

New Lionel #611.

Lionel & New England?

Lionel announced an O-scale 3-rail model of #611 this month. One of our volunteers helped with some details, so we are expect it to be as faithful as possible to the locomotive’s as-built LNE look. Stay tuned for some promotional activities around the model’s release, including ways to get one.

Tamaqua Railfest August 26, 2023

Tamaqua In August

We will be at the inaugural Tamaqua Railfest on Saturday, August 26, 2023. Stop by our table to say, “Hi” make a donation and perhaps pick up some swag. With train rides, displays and local food you can bet Tamaqua, PA will be the place to be! Event info at: tamaqua.net/railfest