Memorial Sponsorships

Key components of #611 are available for a special, permanent memorial naming. Etched metal nameplates approximately 1”x3” will be mounted on parts of the locomotive essential to its operation; each one featuring the name of – and inscription dedicated to – the person of your choice.

Current opportunities in the cab of the locomotive include:

  • Engineer’s seat $10,000
  • Fireman’s seat $7,500
  • Engineer’s control stand (throttle & brake) $10,000
  • Electrical panel door $5,000
  • Main cab door (inside) $5,000

Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate sponsors will be acknowledged with custom “builders plates” mounted to under both the engineer’s and fireman’s windows. These tastefully created, public facing plates will look like the original builders plates from the American Locomotive Company but will instead feature the name of the corporate sponsor. A second set of plates will be presented to the sponsor to display while a third set will be displayed at railroad shows and other events where the RIPS team is present. 

In addition, all formal press releases and other communications will describe the locomotive in first mention as “Lehigh & New England #611, sponsored by company name here”.

Corporate sponsorships are available on a 5-year, 10-year or permanent basis starting at $25,000. Please reach out to RIPS for more details.